• Who We Are

    The consensus about who is responsible for the conditions of our youths is an ongoing debate. Those who deny responsibility are outnumbered by those of concerned and understanding citizens who accept that none of us are exempt. While most children are taught values in the home, not all children have the benefit of such upbringings. It is this group of children who are most likely to assume negative societal roles, ones rooted in neglect or from a lack of concern. This shaky foundation leaves some children unsure of what is right or wrong, and that so often leads to bad choices and destructive outcomes.

  • What We Do

    Breaking the cycle that leads youths to criminal behavior requires an effort on all our parts. Along that thinking, the "Shop with Cops" program is designed to help effect a beneficial change. By teaching respect, building trust and friendship, and instilling values, we hope to do our part. Violence can be curbed. Children’s lives can be spared. Communities can be made safer, but only if we are willing to devote the time, energy, personal and economic resources to make it happen.